All the decisions you've made in your life have brought you to this point.
​Right. Here. 

It can be difficult to discern what steps to take next, how to figure out actually excites you, and allows you to be happy.
Most importantly something that fulfills you.

I believe all your answers are waiting for you inside and I'm here to help you re-discover them.

​Together we can discover what do you want out of life and how to navigate the easiest way to it.


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About Cheryl

The Sutherland Family motto is "Sans Peur", and Cheryl surely embodies acting without fear.
Born in Calgary, Canada, her adventurous spirit has allowed her to travel and experience life all over the world. It was when she discovered personal growth work that her life took a huge shift.

After her move to California, she experienced something that many people feel,  knowing that there is something more and having trouble discovering it.  Taking a risk, she left her job and focused completely on building her self-confidence and nurturing her inner gifts through journaling, reading and working with affirmations.

It was then she re-discovered her passion was to uplift and support others in seeing and knowing the very best in themselves. She started her personal growth company, PleaseNotes, fueled with excitement and a drive she didn't know was possible.
Cheryl Sutherland is a graduate and active participant in personal growth and leadership programs created by organizations such as PSI Seminars, University of Santa Monica, Burklyn Global, and Motivating the Masses. 
Cheryl and PleaseNotes have been featured publications such as InStyle, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company and is a current contributor to Thrive Global.
Cheryl Sutherland with Bob Proctor


You can get a sense of a person by who they subscribe to.

​Right now Cheryl's favorites include;
•Brené Brown •Esther Hicks •Les Brown •Elizabeth Gilbert
•Gabrielle Bernstein •Oprah •Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith •Eckhart Tolle